Buena Vista school board approves skills camp, deficit elimination plan


School could be back in session in the Buena Vista school district, after the school board approved two items Tuesday night.

The board unanimously approved a voluntary summer skills camp that would bring students in grades K-11 back into classrooms for four to six weeks. The board also approved a deficit elimination plan. The latter move could lead to the state superintendent releasing state aid so school can resume.

State Superintendent Michael Flanagan said he will make a decision in the coming days. Otherwise, the skills camps will start next week.

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The board unanimously approved the deficit elimination plan and the summer skills camp at Tuesday's meeting. Tune in to NBC25 News at 11 p.m. for what this could mean for students.

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Miquel Traylor is sick and tired of sitting at home.

â??All we do is play games and go outside. I want to learn,â?? says Traylor.

The eighth grader already knows what he wants to be when he grows up.

â??A police officer,â?? says Traylor.

But Myquil can't learn the basics after his district shut down amid financial issues.

â??No school, no education and no education, no job,â?? says Traylor.

â??Heâ??s sad about it,â?? says Miquelâ??s mother, Beatrice. â??He wants to be at school, my son loves school,â?? she adds.

Myquil has special needs. Beatrice worries the skills enhancement camp won't properly take care of her son.

â??I don't want the camp. We want our kids back in school with their regular teachers that they had all year,â?? says Tatum.

Cassandra Frazier agrees.

â??I had to pull my baby out to go to another school. People have to learn her all over again. We have what, three or four weeks left of school left? I'm real angry about it,â?? says Frazier.

Cassandra, Beatrice and Miquel all hope the board resolves the issue and the Buena Vista school doors open back up soon.

â??I really want to be in school,â?? says Traylor.