Buena Vista school board cancels meeting; teachers ready to get back to work

The Buena Vista school district administration says theyâ??re working on a plan to reopen schools sometime next week.

A special meeting scheduled for Thursday evening was cancelled. Administrators say they didnâ??t have enough time to come up with a plan. The earliest school could open is Monday. Meanwhile, the teachers union says theyâ??re ready to get back into their classrooms.

Buena Vista teachers are heading back to their classrooms, 10 days after filing for unemployment.

â??Parents bring your students back, we will be there with open arms to receive them,â?? says Joe Ann Nash, president of the Buena Vista Education Association.

The school board laid off all 27 teachers May 6th amid financial issues but now the district has enough cash to make payroll.

â??We're grateful to be working through this,â?? says Dr. Deborah Hunter-Harvill, superintendent of Buena Vista schools.

The Michigan Department of Education is releasing state funding to the district after freezing the district's state aid.

â??Itâ??s going to be okay. Which day and which way, Iâ??m not sure,â?? says Harvill-Hunter.

â??We all voted to come to work on Monday or whenever they call us,â?? says Nash.

Meanwhile, the school districtâ??s headquarters is buzzing as staff members prepare to reopen the district's three schools.

â??Realistically, Iâ??ve always said Monday because we continue to work together to get it right. Who's we? There's two of us so we're getting it together,â?? says Harvill-Hunter.

As for the next school year, that's a different story.

â??Iâ??ve got to make certain that we have the funding to take care of all that. Cause we don't want to do this again,â?? says Harvill-Hunter.

But for now, the teachers are just focused on finishing the school year.

â??We haven't heard anything about next year, we're just trying to get through this year,â?? says Harvill-Hunter.