Buena Vista school board recalls more staff

In the troubled Buena Vista school district, the superintendent is asking students to return to class after a two-week hiatus amid a financial crisis.

Superintendent Deborah Hunter-Harvill said 339 students â?? about 77 percent of students â?? were in school Tuesday. She said 40 to 50 students, mostly high school students, have not returned.

Seniors will finish up final exams Tuesday. Hunter-Harvill is encouraging other students to return to class.

â??We're asking you to reconsider Buena Vista, come back home, help us to get through this year and help us to look to the future for next year,â?? she said.

Emmitt Jones, whose son is a freshman at Buena Vista High School, said, â??I'm hoping and praying that everything will go alright and that they will continue to have school here.â??

School will be in session until June 26 to make up for the nine days students weren't in class.

In a special meeting Tuesday evening, the board recalled seven staff members, including para-professionals, noon-hour helpers and bus chaperones. Itâ??s unclear whether any recalled teachers will be laid off.