Buena Vista school district lays off two teachers

The Buena Vista school district is laying off two teachers, weeks after they were called back to finish the school year.

Board members voted on Wednesday to let go of an English teacher and a special-ed teacher. They decided, however, to bring back two grant-funded employees. Both are non-teaching staff member and the district will be reimbursed.

School board president Randy Jackson said the last-minute cuts are tough but necessary to balance cash flow. The state releases aid on a weekly basis, according to the district's payable bills.

â??We're not going to finish out this year in the red,â?? Jackson said. â??We're going to make the best use of this money that we have to finish out this year, and we're going to finish it out,â?? he added.

Sue Rutherford with the Michigan Education Association (MEA) said, â??Everybody has to keep fighting, everybody has to keep doing the best job that they can, and see what happens in the end.â??

Meantime, the district's deficit elimination plan calls for cutting the teaching staff in half, to 14 teachers, next year, although it's unclear whether there will be a district next year. The state is conducting its financial review that could begin the process of putting an emergency financial manager in the district. A lawyer from the American Civil Liberties Union attended Wednesdayâ??s board meeting, but did not elaborate on whether the ACLU is pursuing any action against the district.