Buena Vista school district set for dissolution

School's out for good in Buena Vista Township

â??We tried to help,â?? says Dr. Deborah Hunter-Harvill, superintendent of Buena Vista schools. â??We stayed until the end so that's the way it goes,â?? she adds.

â??For us that have been there for a long time, it's sad,â?? says JoAnn Nash, president of the Buena Vista Teacherâ??s Union.

District officials had until 5 o'clock Monday to secure funding from private banks to reopen next year.

â??It saddens my heart to have to say that they of course said no. It's based on the fact that we don't have collateral and based on---I guess---what you would say, our past history and what is going on,â?? says Hunter-Harvill.

The district is now set for dissolution.

â??We have to make some decisions quickly,â?? says Dr. Richard Syrek, superintendent of the Saginaw Intermediate School District.

The I.S.D. now has to decide where Buena Vistaâ??s 450 students will go next year. It could be one district, it could be four different districts.

â??It will probably be more than one. Whether it will be two three or four, I don't know at this point,â?? says Syrek.

While administrators figure out the students' future, teachers are owed money--many looking for new jobs.

â??Change is hard for everybody,â?? says Nash. â??I just hope things work out for the best,â?? she adds.

â??Weâ??re going to dissolve the district. I don't think we have any choice,â?? adds Syrek.

A community forum is set for Wednesday at 6 oâ??clock at Buena Vista High School. Administrators hope parents come out to weigh in on where they want their students sent next year.