Buena Vista School leaders wait to hear from state

The troubled Buena Vista school district is now waiting for directions from the state, a week after Governor Snyder signed a bill that could dissolve the district altogether.

The district, which faces a $3.7 million deficit, now has just two employees on payroll, including the superintendent.

The board laid off all 25 teachers at the end of June as called for in the districtâ??s deficit elimination plan. Board president Randy Jackson said the district is unable to pay the teachers through the summer.

Funds from a $2 million emergency loan will go toward an existing loan the district must pay back to the state. Jackson said any additional revenues will go toward paying teachers.

A community forum scheduled with the Saginaw County Intermediate School District has been postponed as Buena Vista school leaders wait for a directive from the state regarding the school dissolution legislation.

Superintendent Dr. Deborah Hunter-Harvill said she has not heard from the state yet.