Buena Vista schools back open

Itâ??s back to school for Buena Vista students after a two week break.

â??School, it was actually fun today,â?? says Chris VanDrissche, a junior at Buena Vista High School.

Itâ??s also sigh of relief for students and parents.

â??Iâ??m really happy. My son has been missing his teachers,â?? says Lorenzo Williams. His son attends Henry Doerr Elementary School.

The district is back up and running two weeks after the general fund ran dry. School board officials say they used state aid designated for a specific program to pay its bills. The Michigan Department of Education then froze the district's state aid.

â??I believe that they should have never made the choices they made in order to keep our kids out of school for two weeks, nearly two weeks, that's way too long,â?? says Williams.

Despite the break, there were still some empty seats.

â??We seem to be missing about fifty or fifty five,â?? says Dr. Deborah Hunter-Harvill, superintendent of Buena Vista schools.

The lack of attendance could mean some of the teachers recalled last Friday may be laid off again.

â??The elementary school is pretty much full, packed. So we'll just have to see what we have to do. Hopefully everyone can stay,â?? says Hunter-Harvill.

Also an issue---money. Last weekâ??s state aid payment is the last district will receive until October.

Meantime, students just want to finish off the school year---and don't seem to mind a little more class time.

This is my education,â?? says VanDrissche. â??This is my school. What else am I going to do? Let it go down the dump?