Buena Vista schools consolidation vote tabled

Buena Vista school leaders once again pushed back a decision to close and consolidate schools in a cost-cutting effort. The school district is facing a $1 million deficit and leaders need to tell the state how they plan to fix it.

Their first plan - to close Henry Doerr elementary school - was rejected by the education department. Other options include closing Buena Vista High School, or closing Phoenix Science & Technology Center and Henry Doerr instead and put all students in the high school building. The district could see an additional $32,000 in savings by closing the central administration building. As it stands, none of the options gets the district to its goal of eliminating $800,000 from its budget.

â??It doesn't make sense for us to approve a plan right now and it's going to get rejected,â?? board president Randy Jackson said. â??So we want to make sure we cover all of our bases with [the state] and then we'll come back as a board and make that decision."

Jackson said the board could meet before the end of the month or push a vote back until May.