Buena Vista schools tries to secure loan funding

The troubled Buena Vista School District is making a last-minute effort to show the state it can continue to educate its students, after the state treasurer and superintendent gave the district one last chance to secure funding for next year.

Superintendent Dr. Deborah Hunter-Harvill said she reached out to PNC and Chase, requesting a loan.

The district has until 5 p.m. Monday to have something in writing from a lender.

Dr. Hunter-Harvill said itâ??s a long shot at best, but she's using every means possible to save the district before the state resorts to dissolving it.

â??This has been years and years of things that have not been happening correctly, so we don't have any collateral. I guess all we have at this moment would be our school buildings. I mean, we don't have anything, I'm just hoping something will happen,â?? she said.

If the district can't secure funding by Monday, the Saginaw Intermediate School District can move forward and close the district as laid out in the school dissolution law.