Buena Vista students headed to three different districts

Airport Road is the new dividing line in Buena Vista Township.

Students who live east of Airport Road will go to Frankenmuth schools. Students who live west of Airport Road will go to Saginaw city or Bridgeport schools.

Dr. Richard Syrek, superintendent of the Saginaw Intermediate School District, says he considered transportation and the schools of choice program when drawing up the new boundaries.

Currently, about 260 Buena students attend Saginaw city schools and about 120 Buena Vista students attend Bridgeport schools. Only a handful of students attend Frankenmuth schools but that will change with the new district lines.

As for the Buena Vista school buildings, they all fall within the new Saginaw city district lines. Administrators in that district will now decide what happens to those buildings.

â??Angry. Not because of the meeting but because of the leadership that allowed this to happen,â?? says Barbara Amon-Weigandt, a Buena Vista High School graduate.

â??If you take a look at it and you look at all the boundaries, it falls where all the schools of choice students are from,â?? says Dr. Syrek.

Buena Vista residents are still on the hook to pay of the district's $3.2 million deficit.