Buena Vista students ready to return to school

Buena Vista Township students are getting ready to head back to their classrooms. After an abrupt two week break, the district reopens Monday morning but thereâ??s still financial trouble ahead.

Myquil Traylor can't wait to hit the books Monday. He's tired of sitting at home all day.

â??(sic)cause I'm ready to learn,â?? says the 8th grader. "Bored all day,â?? adds Traylor.

Heâ??s trading in the video games.

â??I want a book instead,â?? says Traylor.

The abrupt break in classes came after the Buena Vista school district ran out of cash, laying off all 27 teachers.

â??Iâ??m glad that this is a start. The kids are back to school because I was so, so very afraid that they were going to finish out the school the way that they did,â?? says Beatrice Tatum, Myquilâ??s mother.

Last Wednesday, the Michigan Department of Education released state aid, allowing the district to reopen

â??I also thank the state of Michigan for giving us our funds back,â?? says Tatum.

Friday, the school board voted to recall all teachers and open school Monday morning but there's still trouble ahead.

â??We inherited a huge problem. We have half a million (dollars) we still owe the county. This isn't over,â?? says school board trustee Frances Hayes.

District officials say they're taking it day by day and they're glad students like Myquil can finish the school year.

The district doesn't know how many students will show up Monday morning so that could affect how many teachers the district needs to finish the school year.

That means more layoffs could be headed to Buena Vista, once again.