Buena Vista Township Clerk apologizes for using racial slur

***UPDATE (4/26/13 7:30 p.m.)****

The Saginaw chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is now calling for the resignation of Buena Vista Township clerk, Gloria Platko.

Members of the organization say they will also attend the next township board meeting to call for her removal from the board.

Platko was recorded calling township supervisor, Dwayne Paker the â??n-wordâ?? in a conversation with the township manager.

â??Someone who is as old as Ms. Platko is, has seen some of the civil rights issues and was part of the civil rights movement in this country, should understand that those sort of statements are unacceptable,â?? says Terry Pruitt, first vice president of the Saginaw chapter of the N.A.A.C.P.

In an interview with NBC25 News, Platko apologized to the Buena Vista community.

However, she has said she will not resign her position.


The Buena Vista Township clerk is in hot water after using a racial slur to describe the township supervisor. Now, Gloria Platko is apologizing and defending herself.

Buena Vista Township residents are calling for the resignation of Gloria Platko. The township clerk says she's sorry for offending residents but she has no plans to step down.

Gloria Platko is apologizing for what she calls, â??a slip of the tongue.â??

â??I'm sorry to my five other board members and Iâ??m entirely sorry to this entire community,â?? says Platko.

Platko was recorded calling township supervisor Dwayne Parker the n-word. Platko says that doesn't make her racist.

â??Iâ??ve eaten Thanksgiving dinner with black friends at their house. So Iâ??m far from prejudiced. You need to go interview some of the black people who have supported me for the last four or five years,â?? says Platko.

Supporters of Platko were very difficulty to find after they heard of the recording.

â??It was used in a harmful way when she said it so she should be punished,â?? says Bethany McMillon, a Buena Vista Township resident.

â??Sheâ??s real lucky she's still over there because people don't play with the n-word anymore,â?? says Pam Henley, a Buena Vista Township resident.

But Platko says she's not going anywhere because she was baited.

â??Why didn't he ever tape any of the other phone conversations?â?? says Platko.

Township supervisor Dwayne Parker did not return our phone calls. Platko says she'll continue serving the people of Buena Vista and next time she'll choose her words more carefully.

â??Yea, I probably should've used a word like ignoramus or something like that but I didn't and Iâ??m sorry for the word I used,â?? says Platko.

As far as any disciplinary action, our calls to the township manager were not returned. Gloria Platko says using a racial slur won't happen again.