Buena Vista Township clerk gets more national attention for racial slur

Buena Vista Township Clerk Gloria Platko was in the spotlight again Thursday night for using a racial slur.

On Thursday night, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart aired part of NBC25â??s Walter Smith-Randolphâ??s report from April 24 in which Platko defended her use of the N-word. Platko was recorded during a January phone call with Township Manager Dexter Mitchell. In it, she used the N-word to describe Township Supervisor Dwayne Parker. Platko has since said she will not resign, even after township trustees passed a censure resolution asking her to step down.

â??The whole thing is a joke, this whole big thing is a joke,â?? Platko said of the media attention. â??Mr. Parker accepted my apology and said he forgives me, so let's move on. Let's move on, get on with township business,â?? she added.

During the boardâ??s most recent meeting, Parker said he forgives Platko.

As for a recall, because Platko was elected to her four-year post in November, under Michigan's election law, voters will have to wait until next year to start the process.