Buick Open: The wild and fun folks you'll meet

If you head out to the Buick Open, there are some people you are guaranteed to see. 1. The guy who shows his love for John Daly with his wild attire. He can be spotted from a mile away, as his clothes scream, wild and bold!

2. The bored wife or girlfriend.

NOTE TO MEN: If you have a lovely lady you would like to bring with you, be considerate. If she is not a major golf fan, bring along a few friends for her to spend time with, and treat her to beverages and food. The best social spots, beverages, and food can be found at hole 17 at Warwick Hills Golf & Country Club. It is known as the wildest hole on the tour.

3. The dude dressed to play. recently pointed out that you will never find a fan wearing cleats at a baseball game, or skates at a hockey game, however you are almost guaranteed to find a golf fan wearing golf shoes. That TMs right, if you want to put a few more miles on your golf shoes without the frustration that comes with being no Tiger Woods, just wear them to the Buick Open.

4. Last, but not least, there is sure to be an exuberant audience member screaming, Get in the hole! as a player putts. However, as WEYI cameras found out, sometimes these characters don TMt own up to their cheers.

To get a preview of the crazy folks living it up on the greens of the PGA, click the video report above.