Burglary ring thwarted by neighbors in Saginaw Township

A burglary ring is busted in Saginaw Township after a watchful neighbor tips off police. Now, neighbors are getting items worth thousands of dollars back.

Seven laptops, seven flat screens, jewelry and even a piggy bank, thatâ??s what a group of thieves took from homes across Saginaw Township in broad daylight.

â??I think that is really bad,â?? says Mary Dunn.

â??I'm very shocked,â?? says Herbert Lincoln. â??This has been a very quiet neighborhood since we've lived here,â?? he adds.

Police say the suspects went from house to house, grabbing what they could but it was a watchful neighbor who saw something suspicious and tipped off police.

â??An alert neighbor came over and said she had seen a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood that morning,â?? says Donald Pussehl, chief of the Saginaw Township Police Department.

That car was spotted in the city of Saginaw. Inside of that car was four suspects and a lot of stolen property.

â??The four suspects were taken into custody, we recovered some of the property,â?? says Pussehl.

Those suspects are now behind bars. People in this neighborhood say they're not surprised to hear someone is keeping an eye out for them.

â??We have the neighborhood watch in this area,â?? says Lincoln.

â??We're being a lot more careful, making sure that our doors are locked, our car doors are locked and just being a watchful neighbor,â?? says Dunn.