Burton officers investigate stabbing across the street from police station

Police investigate scene

A marked police vehicle blocked one of the southbound lanes of Center Road just south of the police station along with some unmarked cruisers.

Neighbors thought it was a traffic accident; then they saw the crime tape.

"It's awful close to home here, too close," says Karen Pillsbury, who was checking on her father who lives across the street from the scene."

Detectives moved in and out of the home checking for clues about what happened.

They say, around 11 o'clock Monday morning the homeowner was stabbed several times then ran out the back for help. At last check, he was in critical condition.

Investigators say there were several crime scenes.

The glass in the front window is missing. No word on how that happened.

However, police say a suspect shot at the homeowner, but none of the bullets connected.

Neighbors NBC25 spoke with did not know what happened just a few doors down.

"It's very scary. We live right across from Burton police station. I mean, that's getting pretty close to home. If you're not safe here, where are you safe?" asks James Crossnoe, who lives two doors away.

"I tell ya, our country, I don't know where it's headed, but it's not in a very good direction," says Pillsbury.

Police are still looking for a motive. They have one of three suspects in custody.