Burton police investigate rash of arson fires at trailer park

Burton police say the arsons seem related.

Burton police are investigating a string of arson fires at the Twin Meadows Mobile Home Park.

Authorities say there have been more than a dozen since September, several of them this month. Some nearby homeowners say the recent rash of fires is disconcerting.

Ernest Thompson lives on Schumacher Avenue, a quiet residential street off Fenton Road. His backyard is adjacent to Twin Meadows Mobile Home Park. Not too long ago, Thompson says his shed was broken into; the suspect lived in the park. Heâ??s since put up a fence to protect his house, but lately, he has a new concern.

"Probably about two or three months, I mean about 15 or 16 fires in the backyards in just a few months, if Iâ??m not mistaken,â?? Thompson described the recent arsons.

Bruce Stein, owner of Twin Meadows, confirmed there have been more than a dozen fires set to abandoned trailers in the last five months. Detective Matt Bade, lead investigator of the case, said there have been 14 arsons at the park since early September â?? five of them happened in January.

"I looked out there the other day, in the night, about 2 or 2:30, when that fire started over back blazing,â?? Thompson described seeing the most recent fire.

Burton police say the fires are similar in nature and could be related to one another. But with no suspects in custody, they're left asking the public for help, leaving neighbors wary in the meantime.

"My biggest concern is my safety and my family,â?? Thompson said.

The state fire marshal's office is offering up to $5,000 as a reward for any information leading to an arrest. The property owner is offering $1,000.