Burton Police millage passes by 331 votes

Burton Police are rejoicing 1,663 yes votes are guaranteeing what police Chief Tom Osterholzer calls a bright future for the City of Burton.

The 6.5 20-year mill will raise $3.4 million per year bringing police staffing from 29 to 36, including a school resource officer.

The department previously using 70% of the city's general funds will now be funding themselves, freeing up the city to use the money towards their $27 million of unfunded liabilities.

The city and police are calling the passing a win for everyone.

"If we just fixed the police department and didn't fix the rest of the city we were doing nothing more than kicking the problem down the road. We were going to have to come back to the citizens and ask for more help and that was the one thing the millage committee wanted to make sure we did not do," said Burton Police Chief Tom Osterholzer.

While city officials say they are excited to start using the newly freed money towards the cityâ??s infrastructure.

"We are breathing a sigh of relief right now, we will be about to move forward, we'll be able to take care of business, we'll be able to avoid that EM. It's just a great day for us," said Burton Mayor Paula Zelenko.

Three officers are already in the process of being hired using the city's rainy day fund and now can move forward using millage money.

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