Burton police try new, 'proactive' model

Burton police are trying an innovative method of patrolling the city in an effort to reduce crime.

Itâ??s called Problem-Oriented Policing and the police chief says the new style of fighting crime is the wave of the future.

The plan would entail splitting the city of Burton up into three districts which would be patrolled by assigned officers and detectives. The ultimate goal is to be proactive instead of reactive.

The plan would also encourage community involvement. The department says police will better know their assigned district and citizens will be more familiar with their assigned officers and perhaps be more inclined to reach out to law enforcement.

Burton Police Chief Tom Osterholzer says the department will study why certain areas face certain challenges through this new form of policing.

â??We wanted our objectives to be specific measurable obtainable relevant and trackable,â?? Chief Osterholzer said. â??We just didn't want to make a change to say, â??Hey look at us, we are doing things different.â?? No. We want to track it and see that we are making a difference.â??

Burton police also announced that they are having discussions with Michigan State University, who would help them in the process.