Bus drivers honored today for International Bus Driver Appreciation Day

MTA Flint International Bus Driver Appreciation Day

The Flint Mass Transportation Administration (MTA) is using International Bus Driver Appreciation Day to honor its drivers.

The MTA is giving their employees a special lunch and recognition for their work on the community billboard at the downtown MTA location.

In 2009 bus riders in Seattle, Washington decided that bus drivers needed thanks for their work and their role in the community, and so came up with the idea for the holiday.

The event has grown, with more and more transit systems taking part every year.

"We would like to encourage everyone to take a moment and thank a driver for all they do," said Charlene A. Kowalski, Director of MTA's marketing and customer service. "Many of the MTA's 360 drivers go above and beyond to assist passengers. They are an integral part of this community, making sure that people get to work, school, medical appointments, shopping and entertainment venues. We like the idea of showing our appreciation to those dedicated people with a special day."