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      Bus riders in Saginaw disappointed by cancellation of Saturday service

      STARS was facing a $500,000 deficit after the federal and state government did not give them an increase in funding for 2012.

      After months of wrangling between Saginaw bus riders at Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services officials, the company will officially end Saturday bus service on January 7th.

      STARS officials say they did not receive an increase in funding from the state or federal government for 2012, which led to a $500,000 budget deficit.

      Federal and state funding makes up two-thirds of STARS' annual budget.

      STARS General Manager Sylvester Payne says he realizes that a lot of riders rely on Saturday service.

      "Unfortunately for them, they may have to depend on friends and family to continue to make them meet their needs on Saturday services," said Payne, who added that Saturday service could return if STARS get a boost in funding in the future.

      "People ain't got cars, we don't have that money. We can't walk. Im disabled," said STARS rider Vanessa Trice.

      One benefit to ending Saturday service is a decrease in maintenance costs.

      Busses will be able to stay on the streets longer, before having to go in for service.