Buses struggle through Flint's unplowed roads

Flint schools are staying open despite more snow and unplowed roads that people are calling unsafe.

"A lot of people have been stuck just on this one block alone," said Flint resident Arthur Robinson.

Robinson is working to keep his walkway clear. But the roads are a different matter.

MTA buses including those carrying children to school are getting stuck in what people are calling a mess.

"I am very concerned about this matter because people want their children to go to school," said Flint City Councilman Wantwaz Davis.

Councilman Davis is fielding phone calls concerning multiple buses in the 5th ward unable to make it down streets that they say have hardly been plowed since nearly 20 inches of snow fall in January.

"I can remember once this street here one time," said Robinson.

Flint schools decision to stay open through harsh winter conditions is adding to an already hefty bill for MTA buses that like this morning couldn't make it through the snow.

"We in the month of January had about $40 thousand in wrecker charges," said MTA General Manager Ed Bennington.

Bennington says MTA's service will continue as scheduled because people in Flint rely on the bus. However, people are looking to the city for better planning in the future.

"Since they knew all this was going to be out here this morning, they probably would have shut down for today at least," said Robinson.

NBC 25 contacted and was unable to get a comment from Flint Community Schools about the decision to stay open today.

The city of Flint is asking residents to remove parked vehicles from the street in order to plow for the next 24 hours.