Businesses hurting from Bay County water emergency

With a water emergency in place for Bay County, residents and businesses are starting to worry and wonder when it will be possible to close off the water main that can't be found and stop losing valuable drinking water.

"I noticed a change in the color on Saturday afternoon" says Cindy Johnson, owner of Bare Bones BBQ.

No water on tap for Bare Bones BBQ with a water emergency in place since Sunday.

A water main break over the weekend leaving reserves of clean water low.

The massive loss has prompted the county to be placed under a state of emergency until further notice.

"I believe we would close, because we don't want to have to boil water and possibly contaminate food or anything like that" says Cindy.

"We're still open right now as far as we're still taking customers" says Sherry Crowl of Dirty Paws.

Sherry losing business and having to cancel appointments for her dog grooming business because of the water concerns.

"To groom a dog we need to bath a dog so right now we're rescheduling a lot of our customers until the issue has been taken care of" says Sherry.

McLaren Bay Region also included in the water emergency.

While the hospital has contingency plans in place to protect patients, the hospital says they are taking steps to reduce the amount of water it's using.

"We're not using our sprinklers or our outdoors facilities. We've also switched over to disposable utensils therefore we're saving water from not utilizing our dishwashing systems" says Magen Samyn, Vice President of Public Relations.

And flowers need water to grow, so florist Audrey Syrind is afraid she could lose her stock if the water problems last longer.

"We do linen rentals as well and we have linens that have to be laundered and ready for the week" she says.

"I just hope to God that they find this" says Audrey.