Buzz Alert: Thousands of busy bees make Saginaw home their hive

A Saginaw city block is all abuzz.

Thousands of honey bees are swarming a maple tree on Saginawâ??s Ash Street.

The homeowner is buzzing for assistance hoping to get rid of the unwanted tenants.

There's a national bee shortage but don't tell that to Crystal Parker of Saginaw because there are 70,000 bees that are calling a tree on her front lawn home and Crystal wants them evicted.

â??There were like thousands of bees bombarded around my house,â?? says Parker. â??They started swarming. I got ready to go to church Sunday and i couldn't even come out of my house."

Wanting the bees to go, Parker called for help, hoping the bees would wax off.

â??I called my insurance, they said they wouldn't cover it. I called the city, they wouldn't do anything about it,â?? says Parker.

Bewildered by her home becoming a hive, Parker tried one last person--Toby Sewell, Saginaw's bee whisperer.

â??Every year, at least I do a half a dozen of these,â?? says Sewell of J&T Bee Keepers.

Sewell is combing the situation.

â??They took refuge in here because either they were in another tree that was close by or a hive that go over populated,â?? says Sewell.

â??Theyâ??re a nuisance,â?? says Parker.

Tuesday, Sewell moving the colony to a new home.

â??I sealed the tree up so they can't come back in the tree now. They can exit through the one way check valve,â?? says Sewell. They'll take up refuge in that hive of mine, once they all come out. Then Iâ??ll put them in one of by bee yards,â?? he adds.

Itâ??s a win-win situation, for the right price.

â??Iâ??m doing this for free,â?? says Sewell.

â??I think it's amazing to know that there's people actually like this,â?? says Parker.

Honey bees typically don't sting but honey leads to money.

â??This is probably worth $100 plus dollars,â?? says Sewell.

â??God is good. He does answer prayers,â?? says Parker.

It could take up to 45 days for the bees to move into their new home.