Byron community reflects on demolished historic buildings

It's a small town with a lot of heart and just five months ago a fire left a noticeable imprint on the town of Byron.

As local residents will tell you, there's much more to this stretch of Saginaw Street than bricks and mortar.

The early morning fire on October 1, 2012 destroyed six apartments and four local businesses including Janelle's Family Restaurant, a salon and hardware store.

Just down the road from the wreckage, Karen Bought owns Matador's Pizza.

She says the images of what used to be the heart and sole of downtown Byron are hard to bear.

"There's so many people not only business owners but people who worked there have been truly affected by it and some of the have picked up their bootstraps and gotten different jobs and stuff but it's still hard to see," says Bought.

Marian Kiefer recalls working at New Image Salon. The business was celebrating its 20th anniversary when the fire ripped through on October 1.

"Lot of little old ladies have been coming there their whole life," says Kiefer.

She now has a new job in town but misses the closeness of this downtown community.

The residents hope that as wrecking crews tear down portions of Saginaw Street, new developments will begin to pop up.