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      Cabela's coming to Saginaw

      The new Cabela's location in Saginaw will be off Bay Road in the place of the ex Circuit Citya

      This vacant lot and building will be home to a new fourty-thousand square foot Cabela??s. and local store managers are embracing the addition.

      I'm excited for the economy like I said between that and target,?? said Gamestop manager Lupe Reyes.

      This video courtesy of Cabelas.com shows a possible look for the new location nexpected to open spring next year.

      "Especially like next Christmas when it's open this place will be packed, and that's always good,?? said Reyes.

      Just this quarter Cabela??s has grown nearly twelve percent. It??s a superstore that attracts shoppers and tourist alike.

      "It seems as though no matter where Cabela's goes they bring commercial development with it and that's what is so exciting about it," said President and CEO of the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce Bob VanDeventer.

      About seventy-five full and part-time employees will run the new story but employment is just the start of what??s to come.

      "It will support not only the hunting fishing and camping community but all those businesses. Restaurants hotels that support that traffic,?? said VanDeventer.