Can't See 3D? Here's why!

A Superbowl XLIII commercial and a Monday episode of "Chuck" will be in 3D, but some might not be able to view them.

Dr. Habermehl, an optometrist at the Vision Therapy Group in Flint, explains some people may not be able to see these 3D segments because of vision problems. It could be an unconnected refractive condition maybe one eye is more near-sighted or far-sighted than another. It could be that they have astigmatism, where they're not seeing very clearly out of one eye and it could be a lazy eye," he stated.

The College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) says, 3D stands for 3 dimensional, that TMs what gives things depth. People who don TMt have 3D vision often describe their world as flat, once they get to see in 3D; it TMs kind of like hearing music in stereo versus hearing it only from one speaker. Each eye gives us a different picture and when the images from both eyes merge together successfully we see one 3D image.

COVD offers the following tips on how you can see 3D:

1. If you don't see 3D immediately but up to 30 seconds later you can see the special effects, it is a sign of a vision problem.

2. If you can see 3d immediately, but afterwards you find you have a headache or your eyes hurt, your eyes may be working harder than they should and this is a definite sign of a vision problem.

3. If you can see 3d for the whole commercial and feel fine, you are not out of the woods completely. You could still have a vision problem. When you see a 3D movie, like Monsters vs. Aliens, pay attention to whether you have a headache or your eyes ache afterwards. If you have trouble seeing 3d for the whole movie or need to take visual breaks, once again all of these are signs of a vision problem and you should call your optometrist and ask if they test for binocular vision problems. To find a doctor visit our website,

4. It is important for people to understand that problems with 3D Vision are much deeper than just missing special effects. It can be a sign that a vision problem may be interfering with your ability to concentrate, your reading comprehension, short attention span and even sports performance; all of which can be helped with optometric vision therapy. For more information visit our website:

5. Recent research has indicated that we are never too old to recover 3D vision; if you have had 3D vision at any point in your life. But, you need to see an eye doctor who provides vision therapy, to find a doctor visit: