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      Car crashes into 7-11 store in Saginaw Twp.

      It was a close call for two women at a gas station Thursday morning in Saginaw Township when a car crashes through the store and it was all caught on tape.

      It happened at the 7-Eleven store near the intersection of West Michigan and Center Roads around 9:00 a.m.

      In the surveillance video you can see a shopper talking to the clerk. A red car drives up but doesn't stop, it goes through the window and the women dive out of the way. Amazingly no one was hurt.

      The 69-year old driver told Saginaw Township Police he thought he was stepping on the brakes but he was actually pushing on the gas.

      The clerk was in good spirits later that afternoon. She jokingly told a customer that they had turned the store into a drive-thru.