Cass City Public Schools close after student makes a gun threat

"I have empathy for all students but when you threaten to shoot up our schools and kill people I lose a little of that,â?? said school Superintendent Jeffery Hartsel.

Wednesday threats were made by a high school boy, saying he was going to bring a gun to the school. Saturday night Superintendent Jeffery Hartsel learned of the threat and notified police immediately.

"They went out to the student who made the threats, he denies making them,â?? said Hartsel.

The school is shut down for the remainder of the year. Parents are now questioning the school's preparation for an active shooter situation.

Cass City parent Donald Finkbeiner said, "we have no protection, no law enforcement, no trained people, what would happen if an active shooter did walk into the school?â??

The school district says they not perfect but this is a safe school and all steps have been taken to protect their first priority, Students and faculty.

"We have gone through state police training, homeland security training, we have all the security measures in place,â?? said Hartsel.

Sean Zawilinski is a history teacher in Cass City High School, she is pleased with the schools response.

"They have a safe place with me and all of our staff,â?? said Zawilinski.

The school will reopen after winter break and say safety and education is most important for this small town.

"We want parents and students to know Cass City Public Schools are a safe place to send their students,â?? said Hartsel.

The student that made the treat is a new student who transferred from the Flint School District and is living with foster parents.

Tonight the Tuscola County Prosecutor and school district are meeting with the parents about the future of the student.