Casting call for Superman vs. Batman taking place in Troy

Casting for the new Batman vs. Superman movie is coming to Michigan.

The new "Batman vs. Superman" movie is being filmed right here in Michigan.

Now, Warner Brothers is looking for people right here in Michigan to be in the movie.

The casting call takes place this Sunday, April 27th

Warner Brothers is asking for clean-cut military and law enforcement types and business executives in suits that are over 18-years-old. They are looking for both men and women.

They are also asking that no children be brought to the casting call, but photos of children between 9 and 15 can be submitted.

The casting call will be held at the Somerset Inn, North Entrance. This is at 2601 West Big Beaver Road in Troy.

Auditions will run from 11 am until 3 in the afternoon on April 27th. They warn that the last person must be in line by the 3 pm cutoff time. No costumes should be worn.

You can find more information about this and other Michigan casting calls here.