Catholic Bishop leads pro-life rally at abortion clinic

A pro-life rally outside an abortion clinic in Saginaw drew a large crowd Saturday morning.

The new Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw was there to lead the prayer service.

Loud prayers could be heard out front the Women's Health Center in Saginaw Saturday morning.

Close to 200 pro-lifers were sending a message to the clinic and its patients.

The person leading the crowd was the new Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw.

"We fight for a lot of rights in this country, but you have no rights if you are dead," said Bishop Joseph Cistone, the new Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw.

Bishop Joseph Cistone says the ultimate human right is the right to live.

Saturday, he led a prayer service. It took place out front the Women's Health Center in Saginaw, a clinic that performs abortions.

"It really struck me today that these women who came here today left behind life, left behind dead babies," said Bishop Joseph Cistone.

Amy Kingsbury came to hear the bishop, as a young mother of five; she wanted to teach her kids about the sanctity of life.

"I was blessed with her at a very young age, and to have that option at such a young age when they are scared and afraid, it's a very scary option," said Amy Kingsbury, a pro-life activist.

Others talked to women at the clinic, offering them help with medical care, counseling and adoption resources.

"We tell them that by the time that they can come here for a surgical or chemical abortion, especially at six weeks, that their baby already has a heartbeat, brain waves, fingers, toes, eyes," said Cal Zastrow, a pro-life activist.

The bishop says Catholics pray the rosary for a deceased person at their funeral, that tradition is practiced here.

"This morning seven moms came to kill for abortions, and two moms turned away before that," said Zastrow.

Bishop Cistone says he'll never stop educating people on the value of life, this was his first pro-life rally in Saginaw, but it won't be his last.

After the rally NBC25 walked into the Women's Health Center and was told by a Saginaw Township Police Officer that we were not allowed on the premises.

One of the health center's workers refused to comment on the rally taking place outside.

Next weekend, local pro-lifers will be protesting out front the Women's Health Center again.

Organizers say they're there every Saturday at 8:30 in the morning.