Catholic Bishops of Michigan say undocumented immigrants should be welcomed

Michigan TMs Bishops, including Saginaw TMs Bishop Rev. Joseph Cistone, have issued a statement saying they feel undocumented immigrants should be welcomed into the United States and given citizenship.

In the written statement, the Catholic Bishops of Michigan say, [w]e support the positive impact migrant communities have made in our country, and especially our state| We believe that borders must be regulated with justice and mercy as people have a God-given right to migrate where necessary to sustain their lives and their families.

The office of Rev. Cistone says the purpose for the statement is to draw attention to the lack of a cohesive and effective federal policy on immigration that addresses the common good for all peoples in the country, and to point out that Congress TMs failure to enact comprehensive immigration reform has lead to individual states, including Michigan, to address the issue|

The religious group blames failed policies for the national immigration problems. It then suggests the following measurements that the Michigan Legislature should take:

Uphold the human dignity of all persons and work against any injustice which would compromise the dignity of immigrants;

Promote and give priority to the reunification of families;

Recognize the rich contribution to the community by those immigrants and migrants who work and live here.

The statement concludes with an urge for all Catholics to turn to the rich and long standing teachings of the Church on immigration and the proper dignity that must be afforded to all human persons|

You can read the entire statement by clicking here.

We want to hear your comments. What measures should Michigan take in regards to immigration?