Catholic Charities in need of coats as temperatures drop

Flord Jackson is just looking for a hot meal and a warm place.

â??Iâ??m going through a little thing right now so I don't have my utilities and stuff on,â?? says Jackson who frequents the Holy Angels Warming Center. His story is not unusual at the warming center.

â??Iâ??d hate to think where Iâ??d go if I didn't have these people down here,â?? says Jackson.

While Catholic Charities is helping people like Flord get back on their feet, the organization needs help too.

â??We need men's coat, women's coats and especially children's coats,â?? says Amy Start who works at Catholic Charities in downtown Flint.

â??I think there's a lot of needs these days, especially these days,â?? says Marcia Judson. â??It's hard times you know."

Judson got her coat from the clothing closet at Catholic Charities. Now she's giving back.

â??If you just look around, you can just see,â?? says Judson.

â??We definitely need coats because it is getting colder earlier. We also need blankets and we need gloves, especially men's gloves. It's really hard to get men's items in. So we could really use men's items,â?? adds Start.

And Flord will tell you, those items will go to good use.

â??It's been a blessing to me,â?? says Jackson.