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      Celebrities nearly as big as the game at Super Bowl XLVI

      Kevin Frazier has put together a successful broadcasting career in both sports and entertainment.

      Ines Sainz has been called the "Queen of Media Day".

      The former model and current TV Azteca reporter is now a veteran presense at Super Bowl Media Day, covering the event since 2002.

      "I think its one of the best days for our job because the players are in really good mood. There are histories all around and people are looking for what happened at media day," says Sainz, who politely answered questions from fellow members of the media on Tuesday.

      A former ESPN anchor and current host of "The Insider", Kevin Frazier sees media day as a blend of pop culture.

      "Having done sports I don't have to come here and talk about sports, doing entertainment I don't have to come and talk about dresses," said Frazier.

      Willie McGinest won three Super Bowls with the Patriots, but after retiring from the NFL in 2008 he traded in his shoulder pads for make-up.

      McGinest is in Indianapolis to serve as an analyst for the NFL Network.

      "I've just always been focused and covered it from what happens just getting ready for the game. Now that you see all the production it's a big show. Its big time," said McGinest.