Central Michigan quidditch team heading to World Cup

It's a sport based on fantasy that with a couple creative changes has come to life in a big way.

For Central Michigan Universities Quidditch team, the path to the International Quidditch World Cup is no-less magical.

"When we go to the world cup we'll be playing against 80 teams" says Rebecca Bennett, a Beater with the CMU Quidditch Team.

The team is preparing to head to the Quidditch World Cup this weekend.

"We had to go to regionals and you have to be in the top 16 to qualify and we made it" Rebecca says.

But you don't become one of the best in the world without taking a few bruises and bumps along the way.

"It is very physical, I sustained a bruised rib during regionals in our game against Michigan" says Jef Fisher, the teams Seeker.

It's a mix of rugby, dodge ball, and soccer and it requires a special kind of teamwork for all the players to work together.

"There are all sorts of dynamics, it's co-ed, it's full contact, so you have all sorts of different positions" says Ashley Calhoun, team captain and one of the Beaters.

"It's just a mesh of awesome really" she says.

While fictional quidditch is played high in the air on broomsticks, real-world players must run, tackle, and catch with one hand on a broom, something this group has been perfecting for the last 3 years.

"I think we started with 5 people and our club now has 33 members" says David Wilber, one of the teams Chasers.

"Most of them hadn't even heard of Harry Potter before, never read the books and it's become something beyond Harry Potter which is amazing" he says.

2 years, 2 World Cup appearances and if the team has their way a World Cup under their belt.

To visit the website for the 2014 Quidditch World Cup in Myrtle Beach click HERE.

Quidditch Positions:

Chasers: 3 players per team that handle the "quaffle", a partially deflated vollyball and attempt to score in one of the 3 hoops for 10 points per score.

Beaters: 2 players per team that use "bludgers" or dodge balls to pummel the other team; if hit you must touch your goals before returning to the game.

Keeper: The goaltender that defends their teams hoops from the opposing 3 chasers.

Seeker: Hunts for the snitch (flag being worn by a person dressed in gold) that earns 30 points for their team and also ends the game when the snitch is caught.