Changes come to CRIM Festival of Races

Say your body wasn't exhausted from the 10 mile race and you wanted to tack on 5-K's more.

This year you can with changes to the starting time of several races.

Runners now have the ability to run the 8K or 10 mile and then run the 5K.

The starting line will remain open for the 5K until 10:45 am so runners can run a combo race.

A special tribute will also be unveiled tomorrow.

The CRIM Foundation will unveil a statue of Bobby Crim in from of the Riverfront Plaza.

Organizers say the statue should provide inspiration to all runners, especially those taking on the new race combos.

"People like to do longer distances" says Andrew Younger, CRIM race director.

"Ten miles is a great distance but half marathons are popular as well so when you do the crim half combo combining 10 and 5k you get credit for a half marathon and its great" he says.

Medals from this years races are also brand new, able to interlock with each other.