Charges filed in 19-year-old cold case

Thursday, Geneseee County Prosecutor, David Leyton, announced charges were filed in the 1993 murder of Wanda Musk.

Musk was a MOTT college student who was brutally murdered on November 14, 1993 when she was working first shift at a 1 Stop Food Store along Richfield Road.

Police say a witness observed a woman being forcefully led by a man the morning of November 14, 1993.

Officials say her body was discovered a short time later in a field along North Vassar Road just miles away.

"She was naked there was tape around her head and a large wound to her head was present and her body was still warm when she was discovered," says Prosecutor Leyton.

For 19 years, Genesee Township Police and detectives worked tirelessly following leads.

"Just about every lead that was out there was followed up and pretty much all led to dead ends until January 4 of this year," says Leyton.

That's when a brand new law requiring yearly DNA testing for inmates came back with a match. Matthew Loren Alder.

Alder is a convicted murderer who has been incarcerated since 1994 for a separate first degree murder charge in Roseville, MI.

Authorities believe he could be responsible for numerous other deaths in separate states.

"With this new technology we're able to do so much more in solving these cold cases and the good part is it gives the families out there the closure they need and that's what keeps us going more than anything else," says Leyton.

Wanda's family says they are on the road to closure.

"Getting to where we can put this to bed after 19 years ya know," says Ron Mast, Wanda's uncle.

Alder is being charged with first degree murder.

His arraignment will be the beginning of next week.