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      Charity bike tour is for the whole family

      It's a new decade for the Flint-area bike race know as the Tour des Lacs.

      For the past 10 years, the TDL had been known for its scenic routes; lakes, farm fields, sunflowers and some nice rolling hills that has made this one of the best tours in Michigan for everyone at every fitness level. 100% of the proceeds are always donated to C.S. Mott Children's Hospital to support babies born with heart defects.

      This year's event is on Saturday morning in Fenton. It starts at 8 at The Laundry.

      One of the organizers, Becky Foerster of Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy, says they've injected some "party steroids" to the Hydrations Stations--a different theme at each, so dress appropriately.

      All participants will receive a commemorative gift at the Finish Line Party. The Grand Prize is a new bike.

      If you'd like to participate, or see more information go here: