Chase branch to close after string of robberies


Chase bank has told NBC25's Walter Smith-Randolph that the branch will close at the end of business on July 20. Customer accounts, according to Chase, will be available at other Chase locations.


A popular Chase bank branch is closing its doors after a string of robberies. The branch on Corunna Road was robbed at least three times in the past six months.

For customers of the bank, it's all about location.

â??I think it's in a good area and I don't think they should shut it down because that makes me go out further to other banks and this is close to my area, where I live,â?? says Kendra Fisher.

But the prime location attracted the wrong type of attention, making customers second guess when they stopped by.

â??This bank gets robbed a lot,â?? says Fisher. â??Should we come stop at this one?" questions Fisher.

Police believe the same man tried to rob the bank three times in the past six months. Michael Brown, 52, was shot dead in the lobby on the third attempt.

â??I think they should keep it open. They got (sic) protection now,â?? says Terry Durish. â??They got the glass, the armed guards, guys with guns, what are they going to do? No one else is going to go in there,â?? he adds.

Durish owns a shoe repair shop down the block from the bank. He says shutting down the bank will have direct effect on his business.

â??They need to keep the bank open for the customers and local businesses around here,â?? says Durish.

There are two other banks about half a mile away but customers say seeing this bank go is a shame.

â??It would be a disaster to close the bank because of what happened,â?? says Welton Wright, a customer.

â??Get more security, maybe. More police to watch but not shut it down,â?? adds Fisher.