Check this out: it's a shark bite.

If there a pipe leaking at your house? Or are you installing new plumbing and need to put some pipes together? The manager of the Frankenmuth Gil Roy's John Bender, says there's been a big change in pipefitting.

In past days, pulumbers and do it yourselfers would "sweat" solder with a blow torch to get copper or PVC piping to connect. Now there's been a move to use a product called the "shark bite". Bender loves it.

The so-called SharkBite Connection System makes any plumbing project easier. Whether you need to repair a broken pipe or plumb a whole house, SharkBite is the "push-fit solution for leak-free results".

Forget about solder, just snap the shark bite into place and voila, your plumbling problem is solved. Bender said on NBC 25 Today, he still prefers copper pipe over the plastic stuff. But he says you can the shark bite with both.

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