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      Cheerleaders go pink for mom with cancer

      Madie Story's cheer team is always rooting for the bobcats, but with her mom battling cancer for the second timenall the support is in her corner.

      "We are all on her side and we want everything to go well for her so with the pink she really feels the love," said the captain of Story??s cheer team Emily Emrick.

      A choked up story finds the words to describe the silver lining in her mom??s battle with cancer.

      "Its just really amazing even though this situation sucks three??s so many blessings that come out," said Story.

      Students who don't know Story say the pink out is spreading through Grand Blanc Schools like wildfire.

      "We all started tweeting it and word got around," said Emrick.

      The cheerleaders are using the twitter hashtag #prayforthestorys to spread the message of hope.

      "It??s so amazing how this spread so fast," said Story.

      Story's mother Katie has fought off cancer once before the squad says the toughness it takes to beat cancer rubbed off on Katie??s daughter.

      "A lot of people call her the rock of the team. She is a role model to so many people on the team. She's just like her mom," said cheerleader Lauren Carr.

      ??The Rock?? says her mothers bout with cancer is thickening her skin and preparing her for her future.

      "She has shown me all of her knowledge and I??m just glad i get to share it with everybody else," said Story.

      The cheer squad??s next plan is taking over Friday night football??s game with a pink out.

      To support the squad??s cause wear to pink to Friday??s game and visit the American Cancer Society for more information.