Chickens in suburban Detroit, Flint under scrutiny

      People keeping chickens in suburban Detroit and Flint are among those facing efforts by local governments to send their birds packing.

      Kevin Donovan's 9-year-old daughter Emma and 3-year-old son Avery help care for chickens and ducks in their Troy backyard. Donovan tells The Detroit News he thought it would be a great way to teach his children where food comes from, but he was cited and sued by Troy.

      Troy is awaiting a judge's decision on whether it's a municipal civil infraction. Donovan says they're trying to be good neighbors.

      In Flint, Roxanne Adair wants to keep 10 chickens. The Flint Journal reports the city says it's a zoning issue.

      In response to growing interest in urban agriculture, Michigan plans to develop guidelines for communities to avoid conflicts between neighbors.