Christmas at the North End Soup Kitchen

The North End Soup Kitchen prepares long before their doors open. Manning the utensils are volunteers willing to make a difference.

"Well i have two children in the military and i am home by myself this Christmas and my daughter is in Miami doing this and inspired me to do it,â?? said volunteer Tom Fries.

Regardless the reason its the volunteers who make each meal possible.

"Christmas day is always special for us mainly because obviously it is Christmas but it's the volunteers and the people that come here to help that makes it even more special,â?? said John Manse from the North End Soup Kitchen.

Residents coming in for a hot meal, gifts and Santa.

"It's all because of the 70 volunteers I have. If we didn't have them we would just be serving like we always do,â?? said Manse.

Each mouth fed, and every stomach full, the North End Soup Kitchen is giving what others don't already have.

"Thank you and happy holidays,â?? said Cornell Young of Flint.

Todayâ??s success is a reminder of the need we face each day and the hardships we may overcome by working together.