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      Christmas comes early for one Holly couple

      "Christmas in Action" happens every last Saturday in April.

      Christmas came early for some elderly families across the country. In Holly, the Tri-County "Christmas in Action" team helped build a better home for one couple. Hundreds of volunteers give up their time each year on the last Saturday in April, fixing homes for low-income seniors or handicapped elderly homeowners. Saturday, Holly residents Thelma and Ted Moody received a gift they said they'll forever be thankful for.

      "We'll be forever grateful. It's a wonderful program," responded Thelma Moody.

      Instead of unwrapping a brand new outfit, this gift is much bigger.

      "It's like Extreme Home Makeover on a local level," said Marie Todorovsky, the House Coordinator.

      Volunteers in Linden, Fenton and Holly put on their working clothes to remodel homes that usually gets dont in just one day.

      Saturday was Thelma and Ted Moody's turn.

      "They had a flood about 12 years ago and it was a flood in an upstairs bathroom, so it took everything from the upstairs out," said Todorovsky.

      "It made a lot of mess. It's hard to get back on your feet. You just can't do it," Mrs. Moody said.

      From early Saturday morning until 6:00 p.m., old plants were taken out, stairs were removed, a deck was replaced and fresh white paint illuminated a new kitchen.

      The house coordinator said people can't fathom the generosity. She said that is because, "everything we do this day is free of charge to the home owners," Said Todorovsky.

      "When you come home and you look at it you kind of get used to it, but when I walk back in there later on tonight, I probably. . . won't know what to do," said Mrs. Moody.

      If you would like more information regarding "Christmas for Action," log onto www.ciageneseeco.org.