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      Christmas tree farm grows holiday tradition

      60 years of holiday tradition is continuing in Birch Run.

      Shopping for the right Christmas tree is hard work but tree hunters say when it's a family tradition it is a little more fun.

      Craig Garcia is old fashioned. Cutting, and carrying his familyâ??s Christmas tree to the shaker.

      "Itâ??s a tradition that when we got married and started having kids," said Garcia.

      Ciolek Farm's is helping people continue their holiday tradition with one of their own.

      "I went into trees in 1953 started selling in 62,3, said Emil Ciolek."

      86-year-old Emil Ciolek is still at the helm of Ciolek Tree farm but is getting help from his son to run the family business.

      "Yeah! Itâ??s all hard work, said Ciolek."

      Taking care of Christmas trees isnâ??t just a Christmas time job. Every tree has to be clipped trimmed and tended to throughout the year.

      "And spray it and everything else, cut the grass around it," said Ciolek.

      Despite the labor intensive off season, Ciolek says the year round hard work is worth the reward.

      "Because this is something that my kids are going to enjoy for the rest of their lives, they are going to remember it and hopefully one day pass on to their kids," said Garcia.

      There are only a handful of tree farms left in Saginaw County but here at Ciolek farms they plan on staying here for years to come.