Christmas without power doesn't freeze Flint family's tradition

<p>Even without daily needs the McGee's aren't putting a freeze on holiday tradition.</p>

The hum of generators is keeping the power on for many Flint residents. While others are trying to tough out the freezing temperatures through Christmas until power is restored.

"The power went out yesterday morning around 8:30," said Aaron McGee.

Father of six, Aaron McGee is working to get his family answers from Consumers Energy.

"They finally came to the phone at ten thirty and said the same thing. That it would be the 28th 29th before our power gets back on," said Aaron McGee.

Without power for Christmas the McGee family is fighting to stay warm.

"Itâ??s cold in here. Sleeping in here with all the kids I have," said McGee.

Cold temperatures are keeping the family's Christmas dinner on ice with the rest of their daily meals.

"Most of the food we have we have to cook it. But now we have to get creative," said Kevin Melton.

But even without daily needs the McGee's aren't putting a freeze on holiday tradition.

"We are still going to celebrate Christmas. We can go to a church or something like that and still celebrate Christmas," said McGee.

They're determined to spread holiday warmth at a local hospital.

"For Christmas Eve tomorrow and give them presents because they have no home, no family and they are sick," said Aquaila McGee.

Aaron McGee says sticking to their own holiday traditions, with or without power is keeping his family celebrating the only way they know how.

"One big happy family that's all I can say," said McGee.

Consumers Energy spokesmen confirm with NBC 25 the McGee's and others without power around East Court Street are not likely to receive power before Christmas.