Church celebrates Pastor, fights to reopen damaged sanctuary

A Wisconsin congregation rallies around the Joy Tabernacle Church to celebrate Pastor Robert McCathern and to support church members in their time of need.

"We believe in the ministry of Pastor McCathern and the Joy Tabernacle Church," said Bishop Lawrence Kirby of St. Paul Baptist Church.

Members of the Joy Tabernacle congregation and 90 people from St. Paul's Baptist Church in Wisconsin celebrated Pastor Robert McCathern and his 13th year of ministry.

"They've been able to reach urban America. His church if full of teenagers and youth adults who come right from the streets from gangs and drugs and their lives have been changed and transformed," said Bishop Kirby.

Now, the church is in need of its own transformation.

In December the roof of the sanctuary collapsed.

Since then, church members have been meeting in the basement.

"The roof caved in and State Farm (insurance) was supposed to come out and reopen it. They found out all the damages and they refused to do it," said Minister Michael Nard.

To make the day special for Pastor McCathern, the church rented Saint Luke's Catholic Church to worship.

They were surrounded by their friends from St. Paul's in Wisconsin.

"Any time a congregation has been uprooted due to adversity or tragedy it can present obstacles and barriers to worship," said Renee Kirby of St. Paul Baptist Church.

Joy Tabernacle is suing state farm insurance to get the help they need and to hopefully reopen the doors of their sanctuary.

"I would that God that other congreatations in this area put their arms around Pastor McCathern and the Joy Taberncacle Church because we are all one we are all together in this," said Bishop Kirby.