Church leaders come together for Milton Hall death

The parking lot where Milton Hall was allegedly gunned down by police.

Dozens of Saginaw church leaders met at the Christ Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church to state their demands to local law enforcement.

"We want and demand a full and transparent investigation so that the truth is revealed and the responsible persons are made accountable for their actions," said Pastor Robert Davis.

Earlier this month Milton Hall was allegedly shot over forty times by Saginaw police officers in the Riverview Plaza parking lot.

"I don't know why someone in a situation like that could not have been immobilized by taser instead of the action that was taken," said Pastor David VanNorman.

The group is also requesting a new plan for getting involved with law enforcement activity.

"We also demand that the city of Saginaw immediately establish a liaison committee to work with this committee and others support an atmosphere of peace," said Davis.

Aside from a transparent investigation, Pastor Robert Davis strongly pointed out this is not a matter of ethnicity.

â??This is a right and wrong issue and we will not standing together until the gap of justice is closed," said Davis.