Citizens shooting would-be criminals, the future of crime-fighting?

Update: May 5th 3:20 p.m.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton says in the last year he's ruled on four cases of citizens shooting would-be criminals. There are still three pending. Leyton says in the last year, all of these types of shootings have been justified.

Private citizens are defending themselves by shooting would-be criminals.

It's an increasing trend that the majority NBC25 viewers say is not only a right, but a duty.

"We're seeing more of this, and I anticipate we're going to continue to see more of this as time marches on," says Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton.

The latest MidMichigan incident happened Tuesday in Flint. A 16-year-old was breaking into the front window of a home. The homeowner warned the intruder she had a gun. He kept coming, and she shot him in the head, killing him.

Brian Schuman, a former police officer and current firearm instructor with 20 years of experience, says the number of people taking his concealed pistol license course is "sky-rocketing."

His classes are available seven days a week.

"Everything that you learn, hopefully you never have to use any of it," says Schuman.

Across Michigan, those applying for concealed pistol licenses are up 226% in the last two years.

"It hasn't turned into the wild west in any way, shape, or form. These are legal, law-abiding citizens that are taking the proper steps so that they can defend themselves," says Schuman.

NBC25 received more than 70 Facebook comments on this story.

Pat Robinson says these kinds of shootings are only justified "only if the person is in danger."

Kyleigh Glisson-Szamiel says, "I think they should be able to shoot intruders, but not anywhere that can kill them. Like in the hand or foot."

Bob Hud says, "Real easy. Don't want to be shot? Don't break in. Duh."

Laura Erpelding says, "When the police are drawing the chalk line around your body, it's too late to decide on the intruders intentions."

Gun supporters say shrinking police departments is one reason why more people are arming themselves.

They also say on June 27th, 2005, the supreme court said a woman, who had a personal protection order against her husband, did not have a constitutional right to police protection.

Here are some MidMichigan counties and the must recent information on CCW applications:

Bay County 1,137

Genesee County 4,448

Midland County 832

Saginaw County 1,542

Tuscola County 591