City council is asking for people to support local vendors

The Saginaw City Council is hoping a move to visit the Downtown Farmers Market once a month will encourage people to visit the market more often.

The Saginaw City Council is encouraging people to buy local.

The council has been meeting at the Downtown Farmers Market once a month throughout the summer to talk to residents.

Council members get input on city issues and have the opportunity to discuss how buying from places like the market keeps more dollars in the Saginaw community.

â??People like to see the face of whoâ??s growing their food,â?? said Shelley McGeathy, who serves as Executive Director of the Downtown Saginaw Market and owns McGeathy farms. â??They can tell you when everything was harvested [and] how to properly handle it when you get home.â??

The market will be open again, Saturday, Aug. 30 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.